HR Policy


We know that human resources and the proper use and evaluation of these resources are the basis for achieving a stable growth goal, making it a strong brand, and achieving a lasting and institutional success in the end.

We attach great importance to personal and professional development training in order to contribute to the development of the personal and professional competencies of our employees at HKS Has Elevator A.Ş. Our goal is to provide a happy and safe working environment where all our colleagues can achieve their career goals.

In short, we believe that investing in people is the most valuable investment.

Our Human Resources Policy

  • To apply openness and transparency principle in human resources management policy, to use systems based on equality principles that are far from personal criteria,
  • To ensure that they are employed in positions that are competent to the job while providing their employment,
  • To provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment, to work in favor of our colleagues in work and worker safety, the environment, social insurance and other matters.
  • Being respectful of the rights of our employees with their education, wages, laws and regulations starting from recruitment, ensuring that their rights are protected during the time they are working and in the future.
  • To provide a business environment that takes into account the balance between work and private life,
  • To create a development environment and opportunity to improve the continuous development and potential of employees,
  • Encourage employees to take responsibility for the consequences of work related to their work,
  • To evaluate the performance of employees and to encourage employees to social activities,
  • To work for the friendly settlement of the conflicts between the workers and the employers at the workplace and the disputes between the workers and employers which will provide the working peace,