Data Policy

As HAS ASANSÖR, your personal data that you transfer and record to us during your visit to our website is protected and processed in accordance with data security rules. In accordance with Article 10 of the Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“KVKK”), the Company is responsible for data processing purposes, personal data processing purposes, the persons to whom the personal data are transferred, and the legal reasons and methods of personal data collection. The owner is obliged to inform the data owners about the rights listed in Article 11 of the KVKK.

Your personal data is collected and processed by our business units in order to benefit you from the products and services offered by our Company; sales and marketing of our Company’s products through this website; Customizing the products and services offered by our company according to your taste, usage habits and needs; For the purpose of ensuring the legal and commercial security of our Company and the persons in business relations with us and determining and implementing our Company’s commercial and business strategies, we provide personal data to our business partners, suppliers, shareholders, legally authorized public institutions and private The processing and protection of Personal Data, which you may access from the internet address under the terms and conditions of processing, may be transmitted for a limited purpose.

Your personal data is collected by our company in accordance with different channels and laws, including the contracts you make with the Company, through the use of this website in order to conduct our business activities. Your personal data may also be processed and transmitted for the purposes specified in this Lighting Text within the scope of the personal data processing conditions and purposes set out in Articles 5 and 6 of the KVKK.

Without prejudice to our legal obligations and contractual relationships, we would like to use your personal data to inform you about our products and services. It is your initiative to allow us to use your Personal Data for this purpose, and if you do not give your consent or wish to revoke any prior consent, your information will be closed for access and terminated.

Cookies are used on our website to monitor users’ preferences. Cookies are small files that are dropped on your computer’s hard drive. This makes navigation easier and makes the website much easier to use. Cookies also help us identify the most popular areas on our website. In this way, we can create the content of our websites to better meet your needs, so we can improve the service we offer you. Cookies; it can also be used to determine if our computer has previously been accessed from our computer.

You can also use our website without cookies. You can prevent cookies from being saved on your computer’s hard drive by selecting * block * in your browser settings. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that many browsers accept cookies automatically and may limit the use of our website if you do not accept cookies.

We protect your personal data that you allow to be collected by our Company in order to prevent loss, damage and access to unauthorized persons and we implement some security measures for this purpose. Our security measures are in continuous development with technological advances.

We are obliged to provide you with information about the existence of your personal data recorded by our Company within the scope of KVKK, to see the data and to delete or change it when necessary. If you wish to obtain information about your Personal Data, please fill out the attached application form and send it to our company. Your request will be replied within 30 days.
Our respect.