Elevator Maintenance

Monthly maintenance and inspections are required from the date of start of operation in order to determine that the elevator is operating properly and securely and in operation. The purpose of maintenance applied to elevators is to improve the performance of the equipment and ensure its reliability. In addition, it is also important to keep the plant at a level that is regular and efficient, safe to operate at a level to prevent malfunction, and to minimize operating losses.

Maintenance of the elevator within the scope of the regulation is done by the installer who installs the maintenance contract or the authorized service of the building contractor. The periodical control of the elevator which is used continuously in the building is done once a year. The obligation to make periodic inspection belongs to the relevant administration and building manager.

The elevator will continue to operate smoothly if the problems seen in monthly maintenance of the elevator are eliminated. However, if maintenance is not carried out on time and / or the deficiencies seen during maintenance are not remedied, frequent breakdowns occur in the elevator. The deficiencies and failures which can occur especially in the safety equipments can cause big results which can cause life and property losses.